C7 — Hotel + Brewery


The C7 is a boutique hotel and brewery designed for a site in downtown Toronto, Canada. The five-story structure houses a hotel that offers both short and long-term living options. Connected to the hotel is a unique microbrewery where guests have the chance to view the brewing process and taste the final product.

The structure is clad in a custom perforated zinc screen, which functions as the exterior facade. The screen's perforation pattern is generated through an algorithmic process where an input image is abstracted based on its luminance values and output as a pixelated pattern. Each space in the C7 interacts with this exterior screen in various different architectural moments. In some moments the screen is flush against the glazing which casts intricate shadows into the space, in others it is offset from the structure creating inhabitable voids.

C7 Hotel + Brewery  — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Parkette  — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Tasting Space  — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Patio  — Timothy Mandody

Public Space

The central parkette has a large shallow water feature that reflects the large monolithic structure. This parkette is publicly accessible and provides an open space along Dundas Street West. Wrapping the parkette on the west side is the C7 Brewery, on the east is the C7 Hotel lobby and along the north is the connection corridor that houses the brewing tanks. The retail space occupies the west side of the site and includes the tasting space and outdoor patio. The hotel lobby is accessed from Dundas Street West on the east side of the site and allows guests access to their suites.

In the images above the first image shows the central parkette space and its relationship to the lobby and cafe space. The second image shows the retail space, which includes the tasting bar and retail sale area. The third image in the sequence shows the brewery patio space which sits along side Denison Avenue.

C7 Hotel + Brewery - Penthouse  — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Lobby  — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Retail Space  — Timothy Mandody

Interior Experience

The screen system contains an embedded narrative, the perforated patterns pay homage to the facades of the buildings that were once on the site. They reinterpret the old graffiti through an algorithmic process to create a new abstracted visual language. Larger apertures are then manually added to the screen to create curated moments that impact the interior quality of the space. In this series of images you can see the spatial relationships created through the interaction of the screen and building facade.

C7 Hotel + Brewery - Site Plan — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Level 02 Plan — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Level 03 Plan — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Level 04 Plan — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Level 05 Plan — Timothy Mandody
C7 Hotel + Brewery - Typical Plan — Timothy Mandody

Spatial Planning

Level 01
Street level and provides primary access to the C7. On the east side is the hotel lobby which is connected to a lounge and small cafe. On the west side is the brewery and retail space, which includes a tasting bar and outdoor patio space. It also provides access to the brewing tanks which can be seen from the parkette behind the large garage doors.

Level 02
Houses a public hotel bar and restaurant on the east side. The majority of the second level is used for back of house for the various retail amenities. This includes office space for the day to day management of the C7, an area for staff and a commercial kitchen space.

Level 03 / 04 / 05
The top three levels of the C7 are used for guest suites. Each level houses a different type of suite, getting larger in terms of square footage. The views from each type of suite improve as you move up to each floor. Access to outdoor space grows with each floor as well.

Typical Floor Plans
Level 03 houses 10 short-term suites, level 04 has 6 long-term suites and level 05 has 2 penthouse suites. The short-term suites have access to private balconies. The long-term suites have a communal outdoor roof space. The penthouse suites each have their own private outdoor balconies.