Hi, I'm Tim.

I'm a Toronto-based, multidisciplinary designer fascinated with blurring the boundary between digital and physical experiences through environmental and experience design. I believe that by blurring this boundary through design we are able to create more holistic design solutions for the contemporary human experience.

My interest in experience design stems from my background in environmental design when I started to adopt a phenomenological approach to designing spaces. Just a fancy way of saying designing spaces based on the human experience of space.

My process is conceptually driven and shaped by research and feedback. I aim to find a balance between conceptually strong and highly usable design solutions that are simple and clear. I am constantly learning new skills from across different creative disciplines that I feel I could integrate into my own work to become a stronger designer.


2010 — Present

Freelance Designer
Toronto, Canada

2013 — 2018

Ideas In Places
Toronto, Canada


OCAD University
Research Assistant
Toronto, Canada


Architect Hafeez Contractor
Summer Internship
Mumbai, India




User Experience Design

2012 — 2016

OCAD University
Bachelor of Design

Environmental Design
Communication Design


2016 OCAD University Environmental Design Medal

Four Seasons Ltd. Award

Nora E. Vaughan Award